Tradition Praline

Tradition Praline has partnered with Odyssey Marketing to launch their brand and build their presence.


Tradition Praline teamed up with us to unveil their brand, tackling challenges from product design to branding fundamentals, communication initiatives, and pricing tactics. Our core mission was to educate consumers on the true essence and distinctiveness of pralines, distinguishing Tradition Praline for its genuine quality and authenticity.


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May 2022 – Ongoing

The client

Tradition Praline, founded in 2022 and nestled in the picturesque Okanagan Valley, specializes in pralines—a cherished French delicacy rooted in nuts. Led by their skilled pastry chef and founder, Nardo, the brand meticulously selects the finest ingredients to create exquisite pralines, setting a unique standard in Canada. Recognizing the potential of this French treat, they enlisted our team to spearhead their market launch in Canada and elevate awareness of this gourmet delight.

The challenge

From product to pricing, we began with a blank slate. Beyond establishing the brand from the ground up, we faced the challenge of building awareness for a product largely unfamiliar to many, and frequently confused with the American interpretation of “pralines.” Our mission extended beyond mere introduction; we aimed to educate the market about the authentic essence of French pralines.

"After conducting a series of brand workshops and collaborative brainstorming sessions, we gained profound insights into the brand's core identity. We explored crucial elements such as brand personality, unique selling propositions, customer personas, and the desired brand perception. Our primary objective was to craft a brand identity that resonates authentically with our client while also captivating the target audience. Subsequently, we seamlessly integrated this brand essence into both online & offline marketing strategies."

Marketing Consultant
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"I started working with Stephanie for the development of my new business, Tradition Praline. As a marketing consultant, she helped me develop my marketing strategy as well as my positioning (identifying values, target clientele, the image I want to convey, establishing a financial plan, etc.). She supports and guides me in crucial decisions related to the branding of my products, my website, and my presence on social media. Stephanie assists me in organizing and planning all stages of brand development and product launch. I am delighted with this collaboration, which is very motivating and allows me to move forward confidently in growing my business."

Nardo Marchetti
Tradition Praline